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I currently hate nighttime . Ever since I took that antidepressant I haven’t slept well at all. I obsess over every pain in my body. I am usually awoken in the middle of sleep and I wake up shaking internally , nauseous , headachy, obsessing, checking my pulse because my heart feels like it going fast . I hate it. I just want to sleep and wake up feeling totally fine. Right now I’m obsessing because I have a pain in my stomach it’s dull and it comes and goes but I have convinced myself it appendicitis. Although the pain is not centralized there its my whole stomach. Then i think ” it’s going to rupture and I’m going to die ” . I’m always checking to see if my heart rate is crazy and it’s not . Then once I’m up I’m afraid to go back to sleep. Wtf. Thank god I meet with a psychiatrist Monday. Relief is hopefully on the future .

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